How we started


Coopy was suffering from cracked paws in the winter and so Sass decided to try different products to help. The usual pet stores, supermarkets and large online retail conglomerates were not really offering anything that looked natural enough. More ingredients is not always for the better and both of their hands and paws were sensitive to many of them. So Sass worked on many different formulas and used all sorts of ingredients until our Original Paw Balm was created. 

Both Coopy and Sass were keen to share their product with even more doggie friends, so they designed a logo and built a website. Meanwhile Sass had decided there was too much throwaway plastic to justify another bottle of shampoo (Coopy uses a lot being a muck-loving dog), and so production began on soap bars. 

This is just the beginning really, launching in 2019 we want to update this About Us page many times next year and create lots of new products. We are thinking about plastic bottle-less shampoo and conditioner (Coopy gets alot of lugs) and our ultimate ambition is to create a suncare range. Though we live in Manchester, so it will take a while to test this!

Meanwhile Coopy is a big fan of Christmas so we have made two special Coopy and Sass gift sets, one with our Original Dog Soap with Oatmeal and one with our Lavender Dog Soap at the heart.  

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